Windows in your flat are subject to constant rain and wind exposure. Hence, you would need to maintain them as they will deteriorate over time due to fair wear and tear. Regular maintenance of windows is essential for safety.

As a flat owner or occupant, you are responsible for the upkeep of the windows in your flat. Otherwise, a window could fall and cause serious injury or worse to those below.

You should check your windows at least once every 6 months.

Immediate action is crucial for window safety. The moment you find that your windows are in danger of falling, you should take precautionary measures to secure them. Subsequently, engage a Building and Construction Authority (BCA)-approved window contractor listed with HDB to replace/ repair the windows.

Checking casement windows

Check casement windows to ensure that:

  • Rivets are not broken or corroded
  • Screws are not loose or rusty
  • Friction stays are not bent or loose



  • Use a small mirror to check the stainless steel screws/ rivets on the top and underside of the window panel. There should be at least 3 such screws/ rivets.

Common problems

Difficulty in closing

Why this happens

  • Friction stay may become stiff
  • Sliding track may be stuck due to dirt and other obstructions


  • Clean and remove dirt, debris and any obstruction from the hinge or friction stay (A), sliding shoe (C) and hinge track (B)
  • Lubricate or grease the sliding shoe (C), hinge track (B) and pivoting point (D)
  • Ensure friction stays are properly fixed to the aluminium parts
  • Engage a BCA-approved window contractor listed with HDB if any of the fixtures are missing or become loose

Checking sliding windows

Check sliding windows to ensure that:

  • Safety stopper and/ or angle strip(s) is/ are in place
  • Window panel slides smoothly on the track

Checking adjustable louvred windows

Check the windows to ensure that:

  • The lever lock works properly
  • Glass panes are secure and not cracked
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